Maintaining tenant loyalty means more than the old saying that a happy tenant is a good tenant. Property investment is all about achieving consistent investment returns through a fully tenanted property in which the property is well maintained and the is rent paid promptly at all times.

For tenants to deliver tenant loyalty to the property investor, the investor is to provide a property that is affordable and well-positioned and that is maintained in good working order. In return for providing the above, the investor requires loyalty from a tenant who pays rent on time and doesn’t damage the property or generate complaints from neighbours.

In order to increase tenant loyalty and to increase the returns for our investor client we are acutely aware of the importance of the loyalty factor.

At the start of the tenancy we set out the tenant’s responsibilities to the agreement. With that comes an expectation that the property will be well maintained. The signature on the tenancy agreement can be read as satisfaction with the rent, the property and lease terms.

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